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A few months back I started looking into a weekend in December that Nick and I could drive up to Leavenworth, Washington for some Christmas festivities.  After finding out it’s only about a 2 hour drive from Seattle, we decided to just stay in the city for Friday and Saturday night and make a day trip out of it.  So I reached out to Kimpton and we booked our stay for the weekend before Christmas at the Hotel Monaco in downtown Seattle and couldn’t have picked a better spot!

Hotel Monaco – A Kimpton Hotel

Seattle, Washington


When we stayed: December 2014  |  Website: Hotel Monaco

What I Loved

Decor – As usual for a Kimpton property, the Hotel Monaco in Seattle is hard to beat design-wise.  The gorgeous juxtapostion of patterns and colors in the room, the lovely vibrant hallways and common areas and beautiful furniture makes this hotel feel more like home than a hotel.

Welcome – We arrived in our room Friday night to find macarons, champagne and Perrier waiting for us from the concierge since they are aware we were coming that night.  to have that extra welcome made all the difference after a long drive.

Comfortable bed – The bed into our room was beyond comfortable and let us have 2 very good nights of sleep!

Outlets Everywhere – Another trait I love of Kimpton properties, the amount of outlets all over the room.  Our room had some next to the bed, on the desk, on all the walls…it’s so nice to not have to move furniture around to be able to charge your phone in a hotel and Kimptons never disappoint in this arena!

Restaurant – Sazerac in the hotel lobby was a wonderful restaurant to enjoy while in Seattle.  We had breakfast there before our drive to Leavenworth and it was delicious.  Not to mention the gorgeous design of the interior!

What I Didn’t Love

Nothing – There was seriously nothing I can complain about from our stay!

Notes to Keep in Mind

Ask for a Corner Room Overlooking the Library – The famous Seattle Public Library is right across the street from this hotel, so ask for a corner room with a view of the magnificent building!

Join the Kimpton Karma loyalty program – One of the best loyalty programs for hotels out there, join the Karma program to get free wifi and $10 free from the mini bar!

Dog Friendly – All Kimpton hotels are dog friendly so if you don’t want to leave your dog at home, they will be welcome here!


True Colours was welcomed to the Hotel Monaco as a guest (at a discounted rate), though all opinions are my own for this review.  

En Route To…

en route to seattle 2

We’re headed up to Seattle for the weekend to explore the city and will be venturing to Leavenworth, to check out all the Christmas decorations in the small German town in Washington State.  Have a great weekend everyone!

5 Spots for an Exotic Winter Escape


It’s getting to be those winter months where the cold is getting colder and as we approach that time of year where we’re in the tunnel of Winter for a few more months in most parts of the world, many people start dreaming of warmer locations to escape to.  The nice thing about many of the warmer spots around the world this time of year is that they also tend to be more exotic locations as well which makes them perfect destination spots to warm up and spend some time exploring.  So while the temperatures drop here at home, here’s 5 of my favorite spots to escape to for an exotic adventure and that also boast warmer temperatures as well!


If you’re looking for an adventure, to wander through temples and night markets, Cambodia is the escape for you.  Warm weather almost year round, lush jungles, ancient temples and bustling cities make Cambodia a perfectly exotic adventure.


If you’re searching for something a little closer to home and you live in the US, Hawaii is a quick 5 hours flight from the West Coast.  For warm temperatures and a beach, Hawaii is a pretty worthy escape.  Add in the local Asian and Hawaiian cultures, venture away from the tourist spots and you’ll experience the true Island experience.


Most of India (excluding some of the Northern parts) has fairly good weather most of the year and for an exotic spot, you can’t really beat this lovely country.  You’ll get your fill of incredible food, a unique culture and color everywhere you look.  We visited in February and the weather was wonderful!


A country with warm weather most of the year, beaches and cities alike, incredible food and a gorgeous culture, Thailand is a great place to escape to in SE Asis to beat the cold weather at home.  Grab a tuk tuk to fly down the streets of Bangkok or grab street food and a Thai iced tea and wander on your own, either way, you won’t regret this escape!


The Middle East and Africa have lots of amazing places to escape to year round since temperatures in that region of the world tend to stay higher year round but one of my favorites is Morocco.  Wander the spice markets, indulge in delicious chicken bastilla and sleep in the gorgeous guest houses called Riads.  Morocco is indeed an exotic escape year round.

Travel Tips : How To Make Travel Easier


Travel can be exhausting and infuriating and full of obstacles, but it is also one of those things that is incredibly fulfilling and substantial.  Over the years I’ve figured out ways to lessen the obstacles of trips, to make the amazing moments prevail over the ones that might not be so easy to deal with or that are out of our control.  So when traveling, here are some ways to make those moments that seem completely draining while traveling a little bit better and to make your travels just a little bit easier so you can have that trip of a lifetime on every adventure you take!

Don’t skimp on the first night’s hotel.

This is something I have started doing more and more even if we are trying to save money in other places on the trip, don’t skimp on your first night somewhere.  You arrive tired, worn out and exhausted anyway, make sure you have some place good to stay the first night and save money elsewhere.  That first night is perhaps the most important so pick a good place!

Upgrade to premium economy.

If you have the chance, book your long haul flights in premium economy.  We don’t always do this, but when we do, it makes all the difference.  It’s usually not that much more money and the comfort it brings while traveling makes all the difference.  Plus, you’re more likely to get upgraded from Premium Economy if the flight is oversold so it’s a win-win.

Eat regularly and well.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t do well if I don’t eat.  Travel throws you off your schedule and our of your routine, so make sure to get on a travel schedule where you are eating and sleeping regularly early on on the trip.  It will make all the difference if you are eating regularly and eating well.

Don’t overbook yourself.

A lot of travelers try to fit in too much in a place and overwhelm themselves.  Make it easier on yourself so you enjoy it more by not overbooking yourself.  See what you want to see and don’t worry about seeing everything… you’ll feel so much better!

Savoring the Journey

Happy Tuesday everyone!  Before we get into today’s post just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve updated my Hotels Review page (Thanks Amanda!) and it’s better organized now to get all the information quickly for wherever your traveling.  So hop on over and take a look and I hope it’s much easier to utilize for information from now on!


All too often as travel bloggers we only show the same things over and over.  We talk about the amazing destinations, the amazing hotels, the incredible moments while traveling.  All too often we don’t share the negatives (though I do try to share those as well here too) and all too often we don’t share much about the journeys to and from our travels.  We skip over the hours in the sky on a plane or the hours in a car on the road.  We skip out on all that we experienced on the journey to or from a place, we skip over what ends up being a great amount of time for our trip and that’s a shame because the journey is often a huge part of our travels.

We spend hours in a plane looking out over the world below, stepping on that plane on one side of the world and stepping off in another and that’s an incredible experience in itself that we don’t touch on nearly enough.  I’ve had some life-changing moments while soaring above the world, I’ve seen some of the most beautiful wonders of the world like sunsets and sunrises and seeing city scapes from above.  I’ve watched the world go by beneath me and dreamed of wherever I was going or heading to.  So next time you’re headed out for your next adventure, remember that the journey there and back is a huge part of the memories you make and the experiences you have.  So today, these are just a few of my favorite memories from the past year or so while journey-ing to and from places all over the world.  Don’t forget that the journey is often the most important and it’s worth savoring.

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